Privacy Policy


We are CREAM.LY from the Netherlands. We can be reached via Or you can call us via +31657493359, and you can also send mail to Weesp, Mater Zwaeneiland, 5, 1382MD Netherlands

We collect the personal data you provide us with yourself, when you call us or contact us by mail. In addition, we collect very limited personal data about you when you visit our website.

We use your personal data, as a customer, as a visitor to our website, or as an applicant, only for the following purposes:

for the (technical) maintenance and improvement of our website
to be able to contact you by telephone, post, or e-mail about our own services and products
to manage our customer base
for regular business operations (such as sending invoices)
We do not process any special categories of personal data. We do not collect any information about you from other organisations.

We process most of the data on basis of the need to enter into or execute an agreement with you, or the need to protect our legitimate interests. And if you apply to us, we will of course also ask your permission before we contact any of the references you named.

We do not retain the data for longer than is necessary. We do not provide the data to third parties in any way, unless we are legally obliged to do so. For example, if the Tax and Customs Administration requests inspection of our accounting records. We have engaged several other organisations to carry out tasks for us, but these are processors. They therefore only process personal data on our behalf and under our supervision, for the purposes we have defined and under strict confidentiality.

If we process your personal data, you have the right to access, modify and delete your personal data. In addition, you have the right to object and data portability.

Next, we give a more detailed explanation of what personal data we collect, how we do it, for what purposes and on what principles.


With this PRIVACY POLICY we would like to inform you about which data we collect, how we do it (directly or indirectly), why we do it (for which purposes), on basis of which principles, and how we further deal with your data.


We collect the personal data you provide us by yourself when you call us or contact us by email, post or fill in checkout or contact form on the website.

These are: Your email address, or your name and phone number.

We also collect very limited personal data when you visit our website. These are: the pseudonymized IP address which connects your device to the internet, the unique identifier of an analytical cookie, the URL-referrer (last visited page), the specific pages you visit on our website, and the time of day, products viewed, how long you stay on our pages, what you do on those pages, how often.

We do not collect or obtain any special personal data. We also do not collect any information about you from third parties.


We use the data collected for next specific purposes. Those purposes are:

The (technical) maintenance and improvement of our website.
To contact you. You can contact us by phone, post or e-mail about our products and own services.
Managing our customer base.
The regular business operations.
Below, we explain which data we can process for each purpose.


We use the information about your visit to our website to show you the website, to analyse which web pages are visited most frequently, and how you came to our site (via which other websites or via our newsletter). This information allows us to analyze and improve our website in a privacy-friendly way. We do not post or read tracking cookies via our website. Please read our separate cookie statement for more information on how we carry out the analysis.


If you give us your contact details, we will only use them to contact you. This is possible if you contact us by e-mail or telephone or fill in checkout or contact form on the website.

If you do not or no longer wish to receive ouer e-mails, please send a message to or unsubscribe.


We process contact details of our customers in order to track and analyse the sales of our products


We process contact, payment, and communication data of (former) customers for our regular business operations. We send invoices, keep accounts, and store correspondence with (former) customers on our e-mail server and in online work folders


Organisations may only process personal data if they have a basis for doing so. We use the following bases for our various processing operations:

Permission: to be able to contact you if you ask us.
When you, as a customer, buy products from us or want to do this, and we must necessarily process your personal data in order to be able to do so.
Legal obligation: if we receive a legitimate claim to provide data to a competent authority. We are also legally obliged to keep personal data in our financial records for a long time, in accordance with tax legislation.
Legitimate interest: if you have been a customer in the past, we will retain your contact details two years after the last contact moment to be able to contact you in the future for possible follow-up projects.


We do not provide any personal data to third parties, unless we are legally obliged to do so. We do, however, make use of the services of a number of specialist suppliers in the field of ICT. We have concluded processing agreements with these organisations. Processors may only process personal data on our behalf and under our supervision, only for purposes we determine and under strict confidentiality. We actively monitor compliance with the security obligations of our processors. Our processors come from the European Union, or have a relevant branch in the EU, which means that they must comply with the GDPR. We therefore do not pass on any personal data to countries where your personal data is less well protected..


We do not store personal data for longer than is necessary for the purpose for which we obtained it. We base this assessment on the type of personal data, the product or service for which we have obtained the data, and what you, as the data subject, can reasonably expect as a retention period.

If we wish to retain your data for a longer period, for example for future vacancies, we will ask your permission.


We have enabled encryption on the traffic to our website. This makes the data traffic between you and our web server unreadable, so that outsiders have no access to it. Of course, we also make sure that we secure your data in an appropriate way in all our systems. We do this with all kinds of technical measures, including physical security of access to our office, but also with organisational measures. For example, with access control, we ensure that only authorized accounts, such as administrators, can access the participant accounts.


Pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to inspect your personal data on request and, if necessary, to amend them or have them deleted. In addition to the right of access, correction, and deletion, you may ask us to restrict the processing of personal data and it is possible to object if you disagree with the processing. Finally, in some cases it is possible to invoke the right to data portability. We do not use automated individual decision-making, such as profiling.

At the top of this PRIVACY POLICY is how you can contact us to exercise your rights. To verify your identity, we may ask a number of identifying questions, for example.

In addition, it is possible to lodge a complaint with the Authority for Personal Data. See:


We may change our PRIVACY POLICY. In that case, we will make an announcement of this change on our website. If we want to substantially change the purposes of the processing, and the processing is based on your consent, we will first ask you again for consent for those new purposes.


This statement is about our cookies and similar technologies. The cookies we use are analytical cookies with a limited intrusion on the privacy of our website visitors. We use these cookies to analyze and to improve the use of the website. Because of this limited intrusion into your privacy, we are not obliged to ask for your permission via a cookie notification.

To ensure that cookies have a limited intrusion into privacy, we have taken several protective measures.

Cookies are only stored for a limited period. Often this is limited to the duration of the session.

For more information about the type of cookies, the specific functions they perform, the parties that place these cookies, and the retention periods, please read the full cookie statement.

Analyzing the website

To analyze and improve the use of our website and how visitors have come to our website, we place analytical cookies on your device. For this we use Google Analytics. The software creates visitor statistics based on these cookies. We do not share these statistics with third parties.

What exactly happens during the website analysis?

When you visit our website for the first time, the software will see your IP address. Your IP address will then be marked ('visitor A1' for example). This so that the IP address when visiting a next page or a subsequent visit can still be recognized by that feature. We will then anonymise the IP address itself. Doing so, you can no longer be traced back to the IP address. This is a measure that ensures that, on the one hand, your privacy is better protected and, on the other hand, that we are still able to 'count' unique visitors.

By means of the website analysis, we collect the following data, linked to the anonymised IP address (/our characteristic):

- city and country (of the IP address),
- Browser type (Firefox, Chrome, Explorere, Safari etc),
- Operating system (Microsoft, Apple, Android, etc.)
- The presence of plugins (such as Acrobat or Flash Player),
- Pages visited, how long the visit lasted and when they were visited.
- Used links to access our website ('refferrers').
- Used links on our website that refer to external websites.
- Other information, such as screen resolution and website speed. This is in - order to be able to show the website properly on both mobile phones and laptops and to be able to optimise the website if it does not work fast enough.

Privacy measures

To protect your privacy, we have taken the following privacy protection measures. Google Analyitics taken the following measures: before Google have the IP addresses saved in the software, we have the last two octets of each IP address deleted (so we only see the following: In the case of the privacy-friendly variant of Google Analytics, it can still be traced back to a group of max. 256 computers (at IPV4), with which it is still a personal data according to the Authority Personal Data.

Because the impact of our analytical cookies on our website on your privacy is very limited, you do not have to give permission for this.

Do Not Track

If you do not want us to place cookies on your device, we recommend that you enable the Do Not Track feature in your browser. Our software will not place cookies.

Change of cookie statement

We may change our cookie statement. If so, we will make an announcement of this change on our website. If we want to substantially change the purposes of the processing, and the processing is based on your consent, we will first ask you again for consent for those new purposes.